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The Bid Area

Illustrative purposes only – contact Lancaster BID to check if you are uncertain if your business is included

Streets included in existing BID Zone:

Aalborg Place, Aalborg Square, Aldcliffe Road (part), Alfred Street, Anchor Lane, Ashton Walk, Bashful Alley, Brewery Arcade, Brewery Lane, Bridget Street, Brock Street, Bryer Street, Bulk Street, Cable Street, Castle Grove, Castle Hill, Castle Park, Chapel Street, Cheapside, China Street, Church Street, Common Garden Street, Corn Market, Dalton Square, Damside Street, Edward Street, Ffrances Passage, Fleet Square, Gage Street, George Street, Gillisons Lane, Great John Street, Henry Street, James Street, King Street, Lancaster Gate, Lodge Street, Lower Church Street, Lucy Street, Market Hall, Market Street, Market Gate, Marton Street, Mary Street, Meeting House Lane, Moor Lane, Moor Street, Nelson Street, New Road, New Street, North Road, Penny Street, Perpignan Way, Pitt Street, Priory Close, Quarry Road (part), Queen Street, Queen Square, Rendsburg Way, Robert Street, Rosemary Lane, Russell Street, St Georges Quay, St Leonards Gate, St Mary’s Parade, St Mary’s Gate, St Nicholas Arcades, Sir Simon’s Arcade, Slip Inn Lane, Spring Garden Street, Stonewell, Sulyard Street, Sun Street, Thurnham Street, Victoria Street, Wood Street.

Amended boundaries for extended BID Zone 2021-2026

Bridge Lane, Cable Street, Church Street, Damside Street, Lancaster Railway Station, Market Street, Meeting House Lane, North Road, Parliament Street, Phoenix Street,
St Leonardsgate, Sugar House Alley

This list of streets includes all locations where changes have been made to the Lancaster BID boundaries which affect one or more hereditaments. Where streets span the boundary the definitive map should be checked to confirm exactly which hereditaments are within the BID zone. Contact the Lancaster BID office if you are unsure if your property is included.

Map of Lancaster BID Area

List of included roads

Aalborg Place
Aalborg Square
Aldcliffe Road (part)
Alfred Street
Anchor Lane
Ashton Walk


Bashfull Alley
Brewery Arcade
Brewery Lane
Bridget Street
Brock Street
Bryer Street
Bulk Street


Cable Street
Castle Grove
Castle Hill
Castle Park
Chapel Street
China Street
Church Street
Common Garden Street
Corn Market


Dalton Square
Damside Street


Edward Street


Ffrances Passage
Fleet Square


Gage Street
George Street
Gillisons Lane
Great John Street


Henry Street


James Street


King Street


Lancaster Gate
Lodge Street
Lower Church Street
Lucy Street


Market Hall
Market Street
Marton Street
Meeting House Lane .
Mary Street
Moor Lane
Moor Street


Nelson Street
New Road
New Street
North Road



Penny Street
Perpignan Way
Pitt Street
Priory Close


Quarry Road (part)
Queen Street
Queen Square


Rendsburg Way
Robert Street
Rosemary Lane
Russel Street


St George’s Quay
St Leonardgate
St Mary’s Parade
St Mary’s Gate
St Nicholas Arcades
Sir Simon’s Arcade
Slip Inn Lane
Spring Garden Street
Sulyard Street
Sun Street


Thurnham Street


Victoria Place


Wood Street

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